That onesie will only be worn once.

How does staring at two pink lines quickly become 20 weeks and standing in the aisles of Babies 'R' Us? It happens. Just like your due date will suddenly be tomorrow, and too soon after that? You'll be looking at 1st birthday invitations. (Right, Mommas?) 

The fluorescent lights of the linoleum aisles highlight every baby product, nearly blinding you in brand names. And as if picking a paci and choosing a car seat isn't overwhelming enough, reading every Google review for top safety ratings has you braxton hicking in aisle 9.

Your circle of sister friends have already given their opinion on what works best -- except -- they're all different. Speaking of circle of friends, I know y'all are throwing her a shower so special that even Pinterest can't top. Your handmade decor is on another level, so why not continue that caliber and abandon the ordinary onesies, the trendy swaddles, and the Sam's-size box of diapers and go in together on a gift that she's guaranteed to love?  

This is your perfect chance to give her her favorite gift. 

(I'm talking to you too, Grandma. The spoiling starts HERE!)

Her greatest gift continues to grow, but her favorite could be given by you. And not just her favorite, but one that, with time, sweetens with that sappy, sentimental emotion every mother experiences. This season of sleeplessness will be the hardest one to remember, yet the one she'll want to remember the most.    

Those diapers will be dirtied (and trashed). The outfits will be outgrown (before they're even worn). And the swing will save her sanity (until it becomes a catcher of clean clothes).   

But these photos? Will never be outgrown.