If there was a word that meant fanatically passionate with a hint of enthusiastic and obsessed, that would be the word I’d use to describe how I feel about photography.  I have a hard time describing in words to others my feelings connected to photography, so I usually just end up letting my photographs speak for themselves.  When you’re this passionate about something, it never leaves your mind.  Dreaming. Envisioning. Planning. Learning.  And most of all LOVING every.single.bit.

Six months ago I started an enlightening branding journey with the incredible Austin, TX based company, Hey, Sweet Pea. Hey, Sweet Pea specializes in everything branding, marketing and design.  This team, y’all?  TOO LEGIT.  They’re going places.  I am so eternally grateful for the amount of helpful, effective education they gave me in order for me to take my business to where I see it in my daydreams.  Even though the team stressed “this isn't just graphic design” I still went into the process with the main goal of getting a new logo and possibly a new business name.   I finished the journey with a completely different mindset on the definition of branding, and I could not be more thankful for this team, their knowledge of the branding industry, and their guided, supportive ways of forcing me to soul search, dig deep into the feelings associated with my business, and create the business I strive to run.  Throughout the entire process, they helped me to uphold the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT part of this journey as my #1 priority: YOU.  My clients.  Because without you, there is none of this.

When I say soul-searching, I truly mean it.  Hey, Sweet Pea gave me the tools I needed to dive into the emotions associated with WHY I do what I do. I HAD HOMEWORK.  Hard homework!  The challenge was awesome.  It's what I love most about this whole 'running a small business' thing.  It's not easy and I'm constantly learning.  I took ALL of the education and homework to heart, and with their help, created my new brand.  Y’all?  I could not.be.HAPPIER!  While I’ll never forget my starting point in business as Fly With Me Photography, I now feel like a brand new photographer after learning so much about myself, running this business, and the reason why I do this.

I’ve gone from photographing anything and everything to a personal, honest brand with a vision.  Sunkissed & Free Photography was created to showcase the unique, honest, sunshine-filled moments with children and their families.  It’s designed to feel carefree, inspired and most of all, playful.

During the past 6 months, I went into a social media hiding as I worked behind the scenes.  I have SO many beautiful children and families I have been so eager to share with you.  I want to give each of these families a blog post of their own, but until then, here is my favorite image from each session (do you know how hard it was to choose just one photo?  I mean, look at these people! Beautiful.)


I do hope to meet you and your family and tell your story.  Retelling the stories that make up your past is so much more fun when the pages are filled with pictures!