Meet Fred. The most interesting man in the world. 

Dos Equis has nothin' on this dude. 

You may recognize him from day 4 of this feature I wrote 4 years ago. You name it and he's been there (every US capital and on his way to every Presidential library), done that (built a boat from the ground up), and got the t-shirt. 

He's a keeper of the most fascinating facts, most of all from first-hand experiences he'll tell you all about. And he doesn't just tell stories. He narrates them, leaving no detail void of a vivid description. His accounts are so animated that if you just listen, you'll feel as if you were along on the adventure, too. His hobbies are endless, leaving him with a skill set that rivals Jack (of all trades).

If I ever write a book, it'll be a memoir of my Uncle Fred.  

Meet Madi. The most interested little girl. She loves caviar, her cousins, and (most days) her little sister Caitlin. 

Last summer in Maine, these two became best buds, bonding over Fred's stained glass artistry. Almost daily, Madison would skip down the stairs to the workshop, tap their 'top secret' knock, and join Fred on his latest craftsmanship. You'd think she'd be just a shadow, but nope, not with Fred. Fred thrives at just the thought of teaching, so no matter his subject or his student, he's all in. Patiently and passionately.  

Did I mention she's 5 and he's 83 and they're not even related? 

Their bond just became because that's just who they are. That, and their contrasts in characteristics is what drew me in to document. Their age, size, and my favorite: Fred's experienced, worn, working hands paired with Madison's soft, still-pudgy novice hands.  

He's never perturbed at her presence, rather, he welcomes her into the workshop ready to educate. Madison's hunger for learning makes her eager to be enlightened in literally anything. Yes, even a shop vac.

This is only the beginning of their bond, so consider this 'to be continued.' Soon it will be summer and Fred & Madi will be right back at it again. 

And so will I. Because this time together in the workshop may seem insignificant, but for them it's special, just like I hope these photos will always be.  

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