Force me to, and I honestly couldn't pick my favorite age.  Is it only hours old with tightly shut eyes and the newest of everything??  Or maybe 9 months old, with dimples as knuckles that army crawl everywhere, led by drill sergeant drool?

But I don't know, let's think about talking toddlers real quick.  

You may be tired of all the words and voices and constant chatter from your littles BUT GIVE ME ALL THE CEASELESS, SENSELESS TODDLER CONVOS.

I love them.

And then there's the age of the tooth fairy.  I LOVE missing front teeth and to let the adult chiclets grow in with zero photographs taken before the gummy gap is gone is a sin! (Ok, too far.  Maybe just a regret.) 

So when your niece has a birthday AND is toothless, it merits a special freaking flower crown (last minute diy birthday present Laura?  Brilliant idea!  The cussing doesn't count if no one hears it!  Keep making all the things all the time!) and a new outfit to celebrate SEVEN because Auntie loves spoiling her 'babies' who now have real knuckles and don't drool (but they're still my favorite talkers).

Hannah, your soul is so good for mine.  This garden of new growth and golden rays parallels your personality perfectly.  I can't wait for my next favorite age with you.  I think it's going to be 13.  A teenager!  Lemme go grab some popcorn for this, because if I'm remembering my teen years accurately, this oughta be goooood.  Don't worry Julie, Mom is living proof she survived it...TIMES THREE! (Woof.) 

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