Isn’t life fun(ny)?

After months of anticipation and hours of labor, it takes just one second of seeing your infant to feel a love so deep and heavy it aches. 

During what you’d probably agree to be the happiest season of your life, you find yourself on the edge of every emotion and only a simple mishap away from a full-blown breakdown.

It was in those first days when he was mostly asleep that you felt the deepest deprivation of sleep physically possible.  

And then, before you can say ‘maternity leave', you’re standing in your closet holding your 12-week old and trying, through blurring tears, to see your wardrobe options for your impending return to work. 

How is it fair that the most delicate and sentimental stage is over before you realize it, yet you were barely awake to remember it?

One too many details from those days are buried under a fuzzy fog of forgetfulness.  The difference, though, is every soft touch, tiny sound, and sweet smell are easily recovered when you reminisce through these pictures. 

Your child is young for awhile, a toddler for a fast few years, and somehow, only a newborn for days. DAYS.

 But best off all? He's yours. 

For forever. 

Just like these photos.