You'll remember the labor and enduring every level of pain.  But will you remember those simple scenes in the overwhelming hours that follow?

Like the way his yawns unfold all 7lbs into a lengthy, satisfying stretch.  Or how his legs, so long and delicate, fall naturally into place as if he's still nested in your womb.

Please don't ever forget the hesitation behind your toddler's eyes as she approaches you and baby sister, completely unsure but still eager to discover her new role.

And you?

Though worn out and on the mend, you'll never know how beautiful you beam as you look at them, looking at her.

Ticks of time will race by in slow motion.

It's in those first fresh hours you'll be high on happiness, but also, weary with exhaustion, leaving little energy to hold on to those slipping, sweet moments.  So as you're trying to tread above trial and error, will you take the time to pause and preserve these fleeting moments?

New mom on the block?

You do not want to overlook this.

Seasoned in motherhood? 

It's a lively rush of 48 hours, isn't it?

The beginning of your child's story is days away from being born.

Do you want to be both the author and the illustrator?

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