As I’ve shared here & here & here, our story started years ago, so it still feels surreal to be in this season of waiting. A different kind of waiting - waiting for baby’s birth day.

I think we’re officially “ready”, yet it still hasn’t hit me yet. We’re DAYS away from being parents! What?! Pinch me.

I’m fully aware that this small business blog of mine will naturally shift into personal pages of motherhood, so I thought I’d share a few images from the space I’ve dreamed of for years.


I had to literally begggggg Keith to let me be extra.

And beg and beg and beg. I was terribly ruthless, but I couldn’t help it. I imagined myself in a cozy room with a baby in my arms for so many years that I ached to bring it to life. I know she won’t even notice the board and batten I’m obsessed with. She’ll have zero cares about the perfect rug I searched the entire internet for. Heck, she can’t even use the quilt that took me an entire year to make until she’s older and my safe-sleeping paranoia fades a bit.

What about all the tutorials I read and the paper I wasted and the water I spilled EVERYWHERE to watercolor those XO paintings? At least they turned out exactly as I envisioned even if Keith said “are we playing tic-tac-toe?”

Keith. My man. He has taken my over-the-top-ness in stride all while dominating his dad duties, too. He’s put together more items and broken down more boxes than I thought possible. The only hiccup? That ikea dresser. I think he banned me from buying anything ikea ever again. I understand, though. 8 hours is a pretty lengthy time to spend deciphering Swedish photo directions. Love you, babe!

The diapers are ready and the details are done. (I even added a touch of Christmas cheer *justincase* she decides to arrive early.) I’m still so overwhelmed with all of the love that’s been poured into our little family. We can’t wait to give it all to our daughter.

As you can see, he let me be SO extra.

And it’s everything I imagined, but even better.

Sources below. Sales were found, coupons were used, and money was saved!

Paint Color & Inspiration

Crib: PB

Dresser: ikea (pulls from Hobby Lobby)

Rug: Overstock

Swivel Rocker/Recliner (SO COMFY!): Buy Buy Baby

Gray Curtains (with blackout): PB

Sheer Pom Curtains: Target

Floor Lamp: Target

Gold 24” Frames: PB

Faux Fiddle Leaf: World Market

Pine Wood Shelves: Etsy

Navy Pom Hamper: Pehr

Wicker Basket: Target

Wood Accent Table (similar): Target

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