Seagulls squawking, salty air, and sun kissed hair.  This is Maine.  And this is our annual family vacation spot, otherwise known as our little slice of Heaven on Earth.

I could write a novel packed with details of every summer growing up here.  Every memory, every smell, sight, and sound is so engrained in my mind that I can easily lose track of time daydreaming about it.  Knowing I get to spend precious time here with my family, with no time schedule, no stress, and no rules every year is such a blessing I can't fully comprehend.  I can only appreciate every single ounce of it.

The days begin by waking up to the blinding sun streaming in through the threadbare shades (which I believe are as old as the cottage) and coffee and breakfast on the front porch while the little ones are antsy to run down the path to the beach.  We're like kids again with our bare feet, messy pony tails, ice cream cones dripping down our hand, and our squeals as we sprint into the frigid waters.  The littles tear up and attempt to resist their naps, not wanting to miss a second of sunlight.  We end each day by falling into a sandy bed and drifting off to sleep with the waves crashing outside the window.

I'm grateful for this place.  For my family.  For my Nanny and Papa, who in the past tucked us in at night, but now, watch over us as we carry on the memories and joy that the cottage brings us.

Here's a glimpse into last year's summer vacation.  Foggy days and sunny days.  4th of July celebrations and quiet time at the library.  Cocktail hour on the porch and delicious lobster dinners.  Friendly game of washers and evening walks to the store.  Big boats and little boats.  Family dinners down the road and feeding Fred the seagull.  Wiffle ball and driftwood forts.

149 days until we're driving down the bumpy back roads of our sandy town.


4th of July photo fun before getting covered in sunscreen and sprinting down the hot sandy path to the ocean!


My cousin's sweet girl, Madison.

"Gold fish, Aunt Jewleeeee?"

"Just kiddin'. "  HA

"Can you see, Mommy?"


The girls love my ice cream... 

...which leads to sink baths for both!


I love these frames.


So glad I have these for my sister.  Diapers are long gone and her twin babies are growing up!

The sure sign that the weather is clearing...