Starting and sustaining a small business is not for the weak.

Neither is becoming a parent to a premature baby.

Both are so fragile and in need of continuous care.  Absence of attention to any vital detail could be detrimental, sinking the chance of success.

Or survival. 

Sales, expenses, and profits.   Weight, temperature, and heart rate.  Every day, multiple assessments are taken to measure for growth, and every day, you pray for any improvement.  Even the smallest of signs.      

Baby steps.

The toughest part of all? The part you’re convinced just might break you?  Waiting.  You’re forced to be at the mercy of time, and being patient suddenly seems impossible.     

And there’s no one more knowing of all of this than Jen of The Plant Shoppe and Chad of Bent On Creativity

When Memphis’ birthday came 10 weeks early, the uncharted waters were rough and dark.  Overwhelming.  The NICU became your new normal while the hours at the shop were unusual and sometimes, unknown.  The shift in priorities was absolutely necessary, but just when your strength started to waver, you became aware that you’re far from alone in this fight.  

Gift by gift, the grace washed in.  Promises of prayers poured in while sympathetic customers or strangers who simply loved succulents offered up good vibes and patient understanding.  Local small shops bared big hearts by joining forces, raising funds and donating sales in support of one of their own in the most selfless style. 

Oklahoma City rallied for your boy, your world, and proved there’s no greater community with compassion more genuine than ours.

So here’s to Jen, Chad, Memphis, and the city founded on fellowship.

This is community.

This is OKC.

And this, a true labor of love.