I still eat string cheese the only way that's right: pull by pull.

At inconvenient times, a sudden urge to burst out in hysterical laughter bubbles up to my cheeks, and it takes all I have to behave.

My age and the bills addressed to me are proof I'm an adult, but all this time spent maturing to a life full of dependability and responsibility never stole the playful part of me.   Life is too swift, too fleeting, to do anything for the last time.  I refuse to be too old to play hide and seek.  I'll always drown my fro yo in sugary toppings, though I must report my visits to the fro yo bar are moderate. (I owe my health and the importance to keep it to my dual degree in kinesiology.)  And as long as it doesn't make my hands sticky (*shudder*), you can find me right in the mix of making mud pies, hunting for roly poly's, or packing a pail for a princess sand castle.

Among my nicknames and titles, the beloved of the bunch is "Auntie."

My fascination for photography stems not only from the art, but to remember what it feels like to lose all cares of today and tomorrow and explore the world from a child's perspective.  I love to be on their level, in their world, tip toeing right alongside their tyke-sized footsteps.  To create pieces of their nostalgia only deepens every sense of my own.

Your child is my sidekick, your kinship is my inspiration, and together, we're Sunkissed & Free. 

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