Youth sports. A childhood rite of passage, ya?

How about these kids who have all this courage to compete?! They’re mostly oblivious to their talent (or lack of it) and all the way oblivious to how much love is actually beating from their anxious parents in the bleachers. These moms and dads are physically sprinting, defending, and shooting the ball for the entire team and can absolutely feel all of the fouls THAT AREN’T BEING CALLED. These kids haven’t even begun to realize the life lessons, morals, and integrity being learned through the grit of winning and losing.

They see the scoreboard and post-game snacks. Their parents see sportsmanship.

Talk about proud parents. But more than anything, y’all are dedicated. Who else sets an alarm on the weekend?! The energy that extracurricular activities eats up probably requires carb loading beforehand. Field or court, concert or competition – it makes no difference. Y’all are all in, and it’s an investment that encompasses more than just money. You get up, get out, and give your precious weekends away all for the love of the game the blonde wearing #8.

And lest we forget the real MVP - the siblings. Rarely given a choice, they’re towed along too, equipped with more snacks and activities than enthusiasm. And if it’s an all-day tournament? Bless their hearts.

So weekend warriors? Cheers to you.

I’ll keep savoring my sleep-in Saturdays while I can.